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Unleashing My Inner Awesome

To this day. Someone linked me to this amazing poem by Shane Koyczan and I’m now sharing it with you. Because I can. Watch it all the way through please.

To this day, I mourn the years I lost to an emotionally abusive marriage, because I didn’t believe I deserved better.

To this day I remember watching the bullies at my school jumping up and down on the pencil case I painted because I had to run to my locker to get something, and wondering why they would do something like that, and why nobody stopped them.

To this day the flush of red whenever I feel that someone is belittling or humiliating me reminds me of the tablets I used to overdose on (just a little bit) so that I could get out of school because it was becoming overwhelming and it was either organise a day off or…

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The Point Walk

Off to walk The Point at Lennox, down to Boulder Beach and back feeling virtuous. The lovely thing is that it gets easier every time and I do it in a shorter time. I will take a few photos today and attempt to upload them. Visuals make such a difference to a blog!

Burn, Burn, Burn

This week the ante has been upped by Jamie, my Personal Trainer, and I have been feeling the burn. I now throw the 12k dumbbell around almost with abandon and am actually running between some activities. Truly incredible. Jamie has given up bringing the lighter weights and dumbbells as I have graduated to the heavier ones. It really is very empowering to feel so much stronger than I was, and I am only in the seventh week of working out with Jamie!
My agility and flexibility continue to improve by the carefully chosen activities Jamie has me doing, and the reps are higher than before.
This week my weight fell below the plateau I had been on, hallelujah, and my tights are loose. There is more room in all my clothes. Yippee!
All the hard work this week has made my whole body burn but it feels great! I feel muscles in my buttocks I’ve never felt before and see muscles in my thighs that I’ve never seen before. God, it is exciting! I’ve had to have a few significant naps after these sessions but am grateful that I have the time and opportunity to sleep when my body tells me to.

House work, my day’s exercise

No time for a walk today as we have visitors arriving mid-morning tomorrow to stay over and the Xmas tree hadn’t even been taken down! So today’s exercise consisted of scrubbing, dusting, polishing and vacuuming for hours. As a treat at the end of my long day, around 6.15pm, I had a lovely refreshing float and splash in our pool for 5 minutes.
Tomorrow I’ll be doing another workout with Jamie and walking again on Saturday.

Working out

Have just had another session with Jamie, my personal trainer, and though tired, am feeling great. I was able to stand on one foot today to put my socks on with absolute stability. That is definitely something I couldn’t do six weeks ago. My biceps continue to look like muscles, something they’ve never done. When I pick up the 8kg dumbbell now it feels light! Extraordinary!
Jamie continues to ensure that all my sessions are different and pushes me to achieve that bit more each time I work out!
Surprisingly, I am continuing to enjoy each session with Jamie and can’t think of a time when I won’t want to work out! Part of why my workouts are so great is because Jamie comes to my home three times per week and brings his equipment. I simply walk out my door and start my session. No great preparations, no driving anywhere, and no gyms to feel uncomfortable in. It is a fantastic way to work out! I can recommend the process and Jamie Coote highly.
Yesterday I walked for almost an hour and a half on the beach and came home with blisters on my derrière. Oh, the pain of becoming fitter and healthier! Antiseptic cream to the rescue!
My resolve is strong and I’m still very firm in working towards my goal, thanks to my NLP, hypnotherapy and Time Line Therapy training. I say to myself, “Just do it” if I feel a tad lethargic but miraculously, most mornings I jump out of bed raring to go.
I’m also using similar tactics to get one of my sons, Cody, up and to the gym every morning for a workout. He, too, needs to become fitter, healthier and to lose weight!

Beach walk

8am start for a walk along Eight Mile Beach at Lennox with Shannon, this time having to wend our way through masses of holiday makers and dedicated Surf Club kids and trainers. It’s a beautiful sparkling day, already hot in the sun. Thankfully we got a bit of cloud cover occasionally to cool us down! We powered along the beach for an hour and a half until my legs and feet were burning. We seem to cover more distance every day! Must get a pedometer and start checking this.
The ocean looks inviting and sparkling in the sun, it would be wonderful to finish our walk with a swim to sooth my sore limbs. Perhaps I’ll join Shannon in a swim tomorrow morning after our walk.
Today on the drive down the hill to the beach I saw a woman about my age walking. I was struck by how strong, fit and muscular she looked, but still very feminine! That’s the look I aim for! And now I realise it is possible, with dedication, hard work and self-discipline! All made possible by my training in NLP, Hypnotherapy and Time Line Therapy. I see a new woman emerging at 55! It is a very exciting time!

Doubling the exercise

Today’s session with Jamie started at 8am with boxing and stepping to warm up. I then progressed to doing numerous exercises with 12kg and 10kg dumbbells, and more stepping up holding a 10kg weight. Then I finished up with more boxing which I love!
I discovered today how much more agile I am on my feet, jumping and stepping. I am much faster and more confident in all activities that Jamie presents to me.
Then at 3pm Shannon and I hit the beach at Lennox, fighting our way through the multitude of dogs to a pristine beach with no one in view. The hour flew and we seem to walk further each day in the hour! Yay! My feet and legs are sore after two hours of exercise today but I feel great. It’s a good soreness to feel but I’m thrilled I don’t have to stand up for an hour or so to cook dinner as my lovely husband, Steve, had volunteered to cover that duty tonight.